4 tips for a cleverly-organized entryway space

The entryway is the space that anyone who comes in your home sees at first. It’s why you should try to make it as pleasant and inviting as possible, so that you could create a favorable first impression. If not, it could seriously damage the overall image that a guest has about your home, even if the rest of the house is beautifully decorated. There are some simple things that you can do to make the best out of your entryway.

1. Built-in storage.

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This is more of a structural and functional concern than a decorative idea. Built-in storage would work great in a small such as this one. It helps you maintain the area clean, organized and clutter-free by providing plenty of space for everything that needs to be put away. A system of hooks would be a great start and then you can continue on the same line.

2. Organized storage.

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Only building a storage space is not enough to have a clean and organized home. You also need to be careful when designing this space. It needs to provide storage space for a variety of items, from coats to hats, shoes and bags. So make sure you include more than one type of compartment. It would be great to have hooks, drawers and storage baskets. Maybe a mudroom would be a wise idea as well.

3. Beautiful staircases.

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If you have a beautiful staircase in your home, then you should take advantage of this fact. Make the staircase the star of your entryway. Allow it to shine by lamps shedding warm light on them. Show off the most beautiful features of your entryway. This may include elements such as the staircase that we have already discussed, a decorative unit with lots of interesting things to display or a colorful accent piece.

4. Cozy reading nook.

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Since the entryway space is not suitable to be used as anything practical because of its exposure and small dimensions, a reading nook might be a great idea. You can place it near the staircase, in a corner. The space from under the staircase could be used as well. Maybe you can have some bookshelves in there. The whole idea is to take advantage of every inch you have and to not let anything go to waste.{picture sources:1,2,3 and 4}.