4 things you can do to have a green interior design

A green interior can be very refreshing from more than just one point of view. It allows you to reinvent your décor and to come up with ingenious solutions for the new one. There are many things that define a green interior. We’re only going to give you four examples and let you figure out the rest.

1. Repurpose and reinvent your furniture.

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You can come up with a completely new look for your home just by recycling the furniture you already have. You don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture in order to get a new interior. Consider repurposing some of the furniture you already have. Maybe you can use an old trunk as a coffee table or nightstand or a desk as a media console.

2. Use handcrafted items.

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To make your home look original and to make it feel personalized you can create many different items. For example, you can make some cushions, some new covers for your furniture, you can make a new lampshade or you can use pictures to make some beautiful wall decorations. Just use your imagination and take a look around to see what’s missing.{found on site}.

3. Find an antique store and stick with it.

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If you like antique pieces, then it would be good to find a store that you like and let the owner know exactly what you’re looking for. Even if they don’t have it there, they can let you know when something similar appears. It would be a beneficial friendship for both parts.{found on site}.

4. Make your own window treatments.

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Usually, people prefer to have privacy in their home so they cover the windows with curtains or shades. Not only that they enjoy the privacy they offer, but the windows and the whole house benefits from them. They insulate the window and they protect the furniture around it from sun damage. Moreover, they are also great decorations and they can be used to introduce color and pattern into a room.{picture from Katie}.