4-storey single-family house by Roger Christ

Once part of a villa, House R in now a private residence located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The house was designed by Roger Christ together with assistants Ronni Neuber and Julia Url and structural engineer Schmitt + Thielmann und Partner. The construction of the residence was completed in 2010. The property sits on a 455 square meter site.

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The house still retained a pavilion which was part of the historic ensemble it used to be part of. House R is a 4-storey family-residence with the main entrance located on the northern side and a second entrance via the carport. The 4 stories are connected by an open stairway. The residence also has an elevator.

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As for the interior structure of the house, the ground floor houses the entrance area, a home office, a double-height living room pus the kitchen and dining area. The first floor consists of a series of private rooms such as the children’ rooms, the dressing room and the bathroom. The attic floor includes a roof terrace and the rest is reserved for the parents.

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The basement houses the swimming pool, a guest room, a bathroom and the building equipment. The house is bright, modern and cleverly divided. Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the façade provide panoramic views of the surroundings while also allowing natural light to get in.{found on archdaily and pics by Thomas}