4 Quick Tips For Organizing Your Movies

Your DVDs and Blu Rays are nothing without organization. And it’s quite easy to make a mess of your collection. It takes forever to find them, your favorite movies get lost and you can’t remember what you do and don’t have when you see an awesome sale on blu rays at your local movie store. However you’d like to organize your movies, whether alphabetically, by movie case cover or by genre, that’s up to you! But we’re here to give you some fast and easy tips on how to organize the clutter and omit all the crazy movie madness.

Check out these 4 great tips on how to organize your movies and de-clutter your bookshelves and baskets quick!

1. Cute boxes and labels will save you & your movies!

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Find the right amount of fun boxes, grab your label maker and start organizing. It’s quite simple and won’t take as long as you  may expect.You can even buy some plain boxes and decorate them however you like … with stickers, paints or markers!

2. Grab those old CD cases and take them out of hiding .. they can still be used!

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Remember when we had to actually use a CD to listen to music and not just a file download? Well, since we don’t actually need those CD cases anymore to organize those music discs, dust them off and use them to organize your DVDs and Blu Rays. Talk about de-cluttering and creating more room! And it’ll be more fun looking through all your movies and deciding which one is right for a late night popcorn date! And you won’t get a neck ache!

3. Leave the chunky DVD and Blu Ray cases behind.

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Another way to de-clutter and maximize your organization space is to take away all the movie cases. Find plastic boxes like these (foud at stores like Staples, Office Max, WalMart and Target) and use slipcovers to organize! It’s easy to look for and to utilize.

4. Keep a database.

Movie Collection List

If you have a big movie collection, you know it’s hard to remember all the DVD and Blu Rays (and possible VHS’s) you may have. So start a database on the computer or in a binder! Take a quick look at it to see if you liked it, if you should sell it, if you have it and where it’s located!