4 Easy Tips To Help You Summer-Ize Your Home

As soon as we see the sun up in the sky and the friendly weather outside we know that summer is here. We just go get our summer clothes from the closet and we’re ready to enjoy a new season of happiness. But for our home it’s not that simple. It needs to get ready for summer too and this might take some time and effort. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Add color.

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A home that’s not bright and colorful is not ready for summer. This is an opportunity for you to think bold and to try new prints and patterns that would otherwise not complement your décor as nicely as they do in the summer. You can add color with the help of pillows, cushions and other accessories.

2. Use light textiles.

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For a bright and airy décor you should also consider using light and breezy textiles. Avoid having dark colors and fabrics such as plush velvets in your home during summer. A few quick changes would be a good idea. Things such as tablecloths, rugs, pillow cushions and sofa covers can all be temporarily replaced in this season so you can use those to bring in some light and summery textures.

3. Decorate the outdoor areas.

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During summer we all love to spend time outdoors. So if you have an outdoor space such as a garden, a patio or even a balcony you should make it your home for the summer. Try to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the fresh air. Buy some outdoor furniture and make these spaces cozy and inviting.

4. Use lemon as color.

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Yellow is the color of the sun, the one that we worship during summer and without which this beautiful season and life itself wouldn’t exist. It’s the symbol of summer and there’s no better color to help you summer-ize your home than this one. Lemon yellow is particularly beautiful because it’s fresh and vibrant. Try to incorporate it in unexpected places for a dynamic décor and for a pop of summer beauty.{picture sources:1,2,3 and 4}.