4 Easy Ideas For Decorating With Potted Flowers

If you don’t have a green thumb; have no fear. You can still decorate your house with those pretty potted plants without having a full-fledged garden bursting with beautiful florals in the backyard. Flowers are a perfect way to bring life, color, surprise and organic, natural beauty into your home. So whether you are in need of some fresh decor for a dinner party, family get-together or just a quick makeover for a small space, or the entire home …. decorating with potted flowers is an easy fix for full-on drabness, a boring living room or a dull kitchen. And we certainly cannot forget that they improve the air quality in your home!

1. Brighten your table with Floral Centerpieces.

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I absolutely adore out-of-the-box centerpiece ideas. Books, vintage items found at a flea market or potted flowers are so much better than the usual, boring bowls filled with fruits. Because they’re  just … well … boring. And you may think potted flowers are just a generic way of dressing up your table, but they’re not. Barely anyone takes the time to make it happen and it’s rarely seen at tables unless you’re attending a wedding. The best part is the creativity. You can do virtually any flower (for any season) and use any pot (color or design) you want!

2. Create welcoming whimsy on your front porch.

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When you do feel like throwing a dinner party or getting together with girlfriends do afternoon tea, creating a magical entryway to your home is a great way to wow your guests and liven up a boring front porch. You can buy what you like at a local store or re-locate some floral bushes and plants from another area you’ve cultivated. It’s easy and quick … and there’s absolutely no way it’ll go unnoticed!

3. Liven up a bare space.

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If you’re a minimalist but need some type of lively pop here or there, use a potted flower. It adds the naturalness of the home without being overpowering and ruining that simplistic feel. You can still be clean and simple, using neutral-colored flowers like blues or whites, while using the potted flowers to create a homier feeling rather than feeling stuck in an overly stark house.

4. Use potted flowers as home accessories.

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Whether on a bookshelf or a side table, potted flowers (big, small or medium) can be just as easily used as the usual decorative nick-knacks. They add a pop of color and surprise to anything needing a bit of life. Just remember to water your flowers and they’ll continue to brighten up the space.{picture sources:goodhousekeeping,greenweddingshoes and pinterest}.