Can 39 Sqm Be Enough For A Comfortable Lifestyle

The problem with space is that it’s always so…relative. You can’t really say whether an apartment that measures only 39 square meters is too tiny to be comfortable or not until you see it. Personally, I’d like to call this place home. It may be small, but it looks airy and well compartmentalized.

Living space in 39m bedroomView in gallery

Just look how great everything is organized in here. You have the living and seating area with a comfy couch, two armchairs and a coffee table set, the entertainment unit conveniently placed on the side and then there’s also the desk and that beautiful dark wooden wall. And yes, these are all part of the same room.

Living space in 39mView in gallery

Living space in 39m livingView in gallery

What’s really beautiful about this apartment is the way each area has its own character even though it’ not a separate space. Whether you’re in the “bedroom”, working at the desk or relaxing on the couch, you don’t feel exposed. There’s a very subtle sense of privacy.

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The sleeping area is a cozy alcove big enough to accommodate a bed and a shelf. See-through orange curtains hide it but still allow it to feel connected to the living space. That wallpaper is perfect for this cozy sleeping nook.

Living space in 39m kitchen

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Apartment from this shared space, the apartment also has a hallway, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The design is simple here and this allows the spaces to look and feel comfortable. The kitchen features a huge window which definitely makes it look more spacious.

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Another lovely detail is how there are small orange accents everywhere in the apartment. The curtains are the most obvious but there are also others. Other colorful touches also cheer up the décor.{found on kaskab}.