30 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas For A Festive Décor Celebration

Every season has its own special holidays and events and but it seems that autumn and winter are the richest ones from this point of view. First you have Halloween which is the holiday that sets the mood for everything else and then there’s Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas.By the way, Thanksgiving is just around the corner so this would be a perfect time to figure out how we’re going to decorate our houses this year.

Erinn Valencich Centerpiece Floral ArrangementView in gallery
Rustic and chic elements come together to form an elegant and inviting setting

Every little detail has to be well thought, from the dishes we’re going to serve to small things like the place cards, the floral arrangements or the candles.We have to plan all these things in advance because Thanksgiving is just crazy.

Thanksgiving Table Design Ideas2View in gallery
Take some inspiration from your garden and use roses, apples and gourds to make a rich combination

So how about we take a look at a few suggestions regarding the Thanksgiving table setting and all the little things we were just talking about. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here or maybe you’ll come up with your own versions and ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be something as simple as a color or as complex as a feeling.

Table Settings Manvi Drona Hidalgo Kazak Table Place SettingView in gallery
It can be interesting to combine a fun tablecloth with elegant tableware
Merci place cardView in gallery
Try a layered look with plates featuring different finishes, colors or textures
Kim Stoegbauer Thanksgiving girl at set tableView in gallery
You can also pick a theme. For example, here we have a sunflower-themed table setting
Camille Styles Thanksgiving twig runner beautyView in gallery
Showcase your DIY talent and make a twig table runner to go with the rustic décor
RMS patrick floral fall centerpieceView in gallery
Give a contemporary twist to the décor by using contrasting colors
Setting thanksgiving tableView in gallery
Sometimes simplicity is the key to an elegant and chic design
Fall table appleView in gallery
You could also try a green approach by using potted plants and fresh fruit and vegetables
Fall tablescapeView in gallery
A rustic and complex option with plenty of different textures and shades
Mini pumpkin candleView in gallery
A fall harvest table setting can be a wonderful choice, especially if you use items from your garden
Outdoor table for thanksgivingView in gallery
Try staying within a color palette and use the same two or three shades maximum
Fall table setting decorationsView in gallery
Concentrate everything in the center of the table. It’s simple, practical and fun
Natural thanksgiving table settingsView in gallery
The combination of leaves, pinecones and tree branches looks great on the dark brown table
Chalkboard tableView in gallery
A chalkboard table runner is a wonderful option not just for Thanksgiving but for other occasions as well
Pin table setiing thanksgivingView in gallery
I really like that everything on the table is big and bountiful, just like the holiday
Table decor for thanksgviginView in gallery
Simple and traditional table decor
Narrow tableView in gallery
You can preserve the pumpkins you used for Halloween and feature them on the Thanksgiving table
Outdoor table for thanksgiving1View in gallery
If you’re planning an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration, try getting your inspiration from nature
Thanksgiving entertaining ideas 600x400View in gallery
A fun option would be to use bold colors, not necessarily the traditional ones
Orange table for thanksgivingView in gallery
A gold-themed Thanksgiving table with orange accents is also a wonderful option
Thanksgiving Table SettingView in gallery
This Thanksgiving table setting is simple, traditional and elegant at the same time
Thanksgiving ideas 23View in gallery
Incorporate wood into your table décor and you’ll really connect with this rustic holiday
Autumn tablescapesView in gallery
Personalize the Thanksgiving dinner experience with a message for the guests
Thanksgiving tablescapes decorView in gallery
Red and gold always look great when combined and it’s both an elegant and a classical option
Thanksgiving tablescapes classicView in gallery
A nature-inspired table setting doesn’t necessarily have to feature the real materials
Long table for thanksgivingView in gallery
Keep everything within a theme and don’t exaggerate with your choices
Black white thanksgiving tableView in gallery
This is a chic and simple table décor with rustic and elegant accents
Thanksgiving tablescapes20View in gallery
The tablecloth and table runner become unnecessary if you have a dark wood table
Candles decor for tableView in gallery
Thanksgiving is all about showcasing the prosperity that autumn brings

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