30 Sqm Apartment In Brazil With A Practical Layout And A Comfortable Interior [Video]

30 square meters is hardly enough space for a single person to feel comfortable in. It’s not even close to what most people consider to be the ideal space for a regular home. And yet such tiny apartments do exist and people do live in them. When you think about it, it’s not about the size of the apartment but about how you feel in it and how it’s decorated.

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This tiny apartment measures exactly 30 square meters and it can be found in the capital of Brazil. It may be tiny, but it certainly doesn’t feel cramped or overly tight. That’s because it has a very practical and rational design and layout.

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As you can see, the apartment practically has one big room where all the functions meet. It’s a living space, lounge area, home office, dining room and kitchen, all in one. Even so, it’s from being a chaotic space. All these functions and nicely delimitated.

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The layout of the apartment is practical and the owners enjoy it a lot. The main room is a large social area where the owners can meet with friends, interact and socialize. There is also the option of separating the spaces for more privacy.

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This particular type of layout gives the impression of a space larger than it actually is. Aside from that, the apartment is also cleverly furnished and decorated. It has many hidden secrets and lots of clever solutions have been found for storage in particular.{images by Haruo Mikami and BEP Arquitetos Associados}.