30-inch Electric Cooktop from Whirlpool

When I buy home appliances I don’t know why I prefer buying something that is recommended by a very popular brand like Whirlpool, Bosch or something similar. I am simply afraid to buy things and not know the brand because this is a kind of quality certificate for me. So I found this 30-inch Electric Cooktop from Whirlpool quite interesting. First of all it is an electric cooktop, so no worries about the gas being left open or the kids trying to use it and succeed. The four high speed elements are pretty big ( 8 and six inches respectively) so as to ensure the power to boil or cook dinner pretty fast.

The infinite heat controls help you select the right temperature from low to high and you have an indicator on the surface of the appliance telling you when the burner is hot. The cooktop is available in white, stainless steel and black, but there are also the chrome drip blows that makes it easier to clean the appliance. It is available now for $319.