3 Tips To Help You Find the Right Kitchen Table

The kitchen is a central social area where family and friends gather and spend time together. Most often, the kitchen is part of an open plan that also includes the living room and the dining area. If you want your kitchen to have a table then there are several aspects to take into consideration before going shopping for one.

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First of all, decide what the table will be used for. In other words, you need to know the function it will have in the kitchen. If you’re planning to only use it for meals, then you’ll most likely need a simple and practical design. If you also need to use it when preparing the means then it should provide you with a functional work surface that can’t be damaged or scratched easily. There’s also the possibility that the table will be used for a variety of different activities, from dining to crafts and homework, playing games and more. In this case you’ll need a table with a protective coat that can also be cleaned easily.

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Another aspect to take into consideration before buying the table is the kitchen layout. The table needs to fit properly in the kitchen and deciding on a design also depends on the size and layout of the kitchen. For example, in an open plan space the kitchen table could work as a delimitation element between the cooking and the dining area. But if you have an U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, the table could look nice in the center, in which case a round table would be more practical.

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Then there’s also the material and the actual design of the table. Here things get complicated as this part also depends on your personal preferences. However, some materials and designs work better in certain interiors. For example, wooden tables are practical and elegant but they are tend to be robust and they can get scratched easily. They are great for rustic or vintage interiors. Plastic tables are suitable for more modern interiors and they have the advantage of allowing you to clean then easily. Glass tables or great for small kitchens because of their transparent design and they are also suitable for formal decors.