3 tips for an inviting guest room décor

There’s something about having a friend sleep over that makes us feel especially good. Everyone likes to have friends stay overnight from time to time and everyone likes it when they say they slept well and enjoyed their stay. So try to make the guest room’s as inviting as possible. If someone refuses to remain overnight this usually means that they either have something really important to do in the morning or that they just don’t like sleeping in your house. Here are 3 tips that can help you make your guest room/s more inviting and comfortable.

1. Have plenty of hooks and hangers.

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Since they’re guests in your house, they don’t have a cabinet or closet to put their clothes and accessories in. So make sure you have plenty of hooks and hangers for that purpose. Attach them to the walls or to the door and make sure you have plenty of hangers in the closet.

2. Make sure the nightstand is well outfitted.

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Your guests will most likely enjoy having a lamp on the nightstand. They would probably also need an alarm clock in case they need to get up early. Also, a carafe for water would be really nice to have. It can be very frustrating to get up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and to have to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, especially when you’re a guest. You could also provide your guests with a tray or a bowl for earrings and watches and a glass.

3. Have some guest robes and slippers.

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If you really want your guests to feel cozy and comfortable in your home you should have some robes and slippers for them too. They will most likely feel spoiled and they’ll remember this detail. Put them in the bathroom or hang them in the bedroom where they can see them. Also, you should consider having a small basket with things such as toothpaste, an extra toothbrush, soap, hand lotion, etc. in case they forget to bring their own.