3 Rooms Attractive Apartment

This apartment of three rooms and a kitchen is under construction and is expected to be completed by the month of December 2011. The house offers an attractive spacious floor plan of approximately 98 square meters, enough for the rooms and the kitchen. It also has an elevator which leads to the terrace and a welcome hall where enough natural light comes in to provide a brighter view.

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The house also has a bathroom and plenty of space with storing capacity. An attractive part of the house is the spacious kitchen with innumerable facilities that allows easy cooking and washing. There is a small fireplace to warm up the interior of the house in cold season. The master bedroom is provided with a big closet and a bath room with shower and bath tub. Another bedroom is also located adjacent to the main room that has windows which gives a magnificent outer view.

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The floor is made up of stylish material and attractive decorative flooring. The house has many other attractive designs on the walls and the floors which are a part of the sought after attributes of the house. This house has proximity to greenery, water and other basic necessities for living.{found on skeppsholmen}