3 eco-friendly roof options for your home

If you’re currently building your own home or if you already have a home that will soon need a new roof, you might want to explore some of the eco-friendly options. Most of them are focused on being long-lasting, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly as well as great insulators. Here are three eco-friendly options worth to be analyzed.

1. The cool roof/ white roof.

Green roof design

A white roof or light-colored roof, also known as a cool roof, is defined by its ability to cool the temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the house. This way your home will stay cool during summer and this significantly reduce your energy bills. If you also want the roof to be eco-friendly, you can opt for metal as a material.

2. A solar-powered roof.

Green roof design

Solar panels are more and more popular these days. One reason or that would be the fact that the price has become increasingly smaller than when they first became available.The great thing about solar panels is that they can be added to your existing roof and they help you save considerable amounts of money. However, the costs for installing the panels are still so it would really help to have a specialist friend.

3. A green roof.

Green roof design

Also quite popular these days, green roofs are great for several reasons. They provide additional insulation for your home and they allow it to remain cool during summer, they help clean the air and they also absorb most of the water from storms. Moreover, green roofs are also very beautiful. The installation costs can be a little pricy and the roof will require irrigation and maintenance from time to time, but these are elements that come with the pleasure of having a green roof.

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