3 DIY wicker basket projects

Wicker baskets are very practical and a great storage solution for spaces such as the bathroom. They are great storage containers and can be placed on open shelves or underneath a table. They are also eco-friendly and have a look that’s suited for most styles and interior decors. Use them when there are not enough shelves or drawers in the bathroom or when you need something to store your gardening tools in. a wicker basket could also be used as a lovely bed for your pet.

1. DIY shelves for the bathroom wicker baskets.

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If you plan on using them for storage in the bathroom, then you might also want to make some shelves for them to sit on. We’ll show you how. This project is for three baskets. To make the shelves you’ll also need some rounded pieces of wood, a piece of plywood, carpenter’s glue, a brush or paint roller, sandpaper and a tape measure. Start by measuring the width of the baskets. Subtract 1.5 cm and make six parts. Mark the place where the bars will go, the ones that will serve as a frame or limit for the baskets.

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Using carpenter’s glue, attach the sticks. You can also paint all the wooden pieces in a color of your choice. Let them all dry before gluing all the pieces together. After the whole structure is ready, hang it on the wall. Now you have some nice shelves for your wicker baskets.

2. DIY wicker basket case.

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For this project you will need a terraced round basket, wide rubber band, a strong cord, some large flat buttons, some fabric, scissors, thread and a sewing machine. First measure the basket and then cut two identical pieces of fabric and two narrow pieces for the pockets. Sew them together (the pockets as well). Next attach a thick piece of thread vertically to create two pocket compartments. Then, using the buttons, sew a band to the top of the fabric. Put the resulting product on the basket and use buttons and loops to keep the fabric in place. You now have a nice storage basket for all your tools.

3. DIY Flower tray.

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Here you’ll need 2 or 3 wicker baskets or flower pots, a wooden board around 40 x 60 cm, 4 casters, artificial grass, a drill, screwdriver, and a staple gun. First take the wooden board and sand it if needed. Put the wheels in the corners of the board and mark the places where the screws will go. Drill the holes and attach the wheels. Take the artificial grass and attach it using the staple gun. Place the plants in the baskets and put them in the tray you’ve made.{found on design-remount}.