26 Grey Owl Property In California

When you think lavish, you got to think of Irvine in California for this is one area where some of the most astounding houses stand until date. Today we talk about the 26 Grey Owl property, which is probably the only facility in Irvine with a surrounding vineyard. The facility gets a 13,500 square foot mansion is on a 1.73 acre lot.

A926greyowl 40

The vineyard is good enough to produce two barrels of wine when harvested. What is more is a connecting tunnel for a home theater and the pool house. Listed initially at $17.5 million and now down to $15.495 million, this facility also has a huge gourmet kitchen with a walk-in-refrigerator and a large central Island with a pop-up television.

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And here’s another beautiful mansion in another beautiful location. But this time it’s something different about this one. All the other residences presented were sharing in common a modern, contemporary style with cool features and amazing pieces. But this one has a different style. It’s decorated in a more vintage style, but this doesn’t make it look less impressive.

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The interior design is really amazing. Everything is grandiose and impressive. The furniture chosen has a royal vintage look, but still with a modern touch, just enough to make it special. It’s a very beautiful mansion, located in a very beautiful place.