25 Green – An Apartment Complex Surrounded By 150 Trees

25 Green is a new residential building in Turin, Italy, generally known as the urban treehouse. The project, developed by architect Luciano Pia, started in 2007 and ended in 2012. The building is an apartment complex designed on five levels and it offers a total of 63 units.


All 63 units have wide terraces of irregular shapes and on these terraces there are large vases and planters containing trees and shrubs. In total there are 150 trees featured on these terraces as well as on the roof gardens and 50 more in the court garden.


The last floor features private green roofs and, overall, the vegetation is diversified. The building also has court gardens and green walls and the big vases on the terraces feature a variety of trees and shrubs of different heights, ranging from 2.5 meters to 8 meters. They grow every day, becoming bigger and turning the structure greener.


The vegetation was chosen strategically in order to offer a variety of colors, leaves and flowering. It offers shades during summer for the apartment inside and, during winter, it let in just the right amount of light. In addition, the vegetation filters sound and smell and reduces pollution in the city by improving air quality.


Aside from making the building stand out with its unusual design, the architect also focused on offering it increased energetic efficiency. This was done through various methods, including continuous insulation, sun protection, heating and cooling systems that us geothermal energy and heat pumps and a rainwater recycling system.


The wooden planking on the terraces is entwined with the vegetation and the result is a unique facade, a memorable appearance and an enjoyable design. The undulating structure and the branching steel beams make for an overall eclectic look.


The courtyard ponds are another really beautiful feature. They add a zen touch, allowing the building as a whole to become a fresh and relaxing oasis in the middle of an urban desert.