21st century ecologically sensitive Lake residence by Architekton

Located in Tempe, Arizona, this beautiful house was built in 2008 by Architekton. The house is situated in an area filled with 20th century structures, so it stands out with its innovative and contemporary design. The actual house occupies 3.500 sq ft and it sits on a 8.200 sq ft lot. It was built for a family of four that moved in together with their twp beagles and the family cat.

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The architects had to work with a modest budget and a small site. However, this didn’t stop them from building an amazing residence. The house features large sliding glass walls in the main living spaces, thus creating a very harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor.

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Moreover, the garage has a sliding translucent door that beautifully illuminates the driveway during the night and the interior of the garage during the day. This is just one of the many modern elements throughout the house. In order to make the place more efficient, the house was built on two levels with a footprint of approximately 25’ x 55’. In addition, there’s also a four car garage.

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The kitchen, utility room and master bathroom are placed facing south while the master bedroom is located on the north. This functional division of the rooms allows for more privacy and also means that the room can be treated as independent areas.{found on archdaily}