20th Street Offices – A Green Building Initiative

What can be more comforting than to see the people around you as preoccupied as possible to respect and protect the environment, no matter what they do? It happens with the 20th Street Offices located in California, U.S.A. The building includes working studios for three design firms in Santa Monica, in one of the top “green” cities. It proves to be an efficient result of the natural system and the idea of being conscious in every aspect regarding the environment is laudable.

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One example would be the plan to control the quality of the indoor air, beneficial for both the employees and for the environment at the same time. The intention was to  create a healthy working environment and to educate people to do the same, through the power of their own example. Minimizing the building’ s impact on the environment was a success. With its green roof, but also plants chosen for the beauty of the landscape, the construction is an example of modernity, with all sorts of recycled materials that contribute to the general effect.

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If the outside is modern and simple, the inside is more colorful, inspiring for every person who sits at his/ her work place and creates something. The worktables are light-colored, but there are also splashes of color, which animate the space. The red armchairs, the greenish pieces of furniture and carpet make the difference. Beyond the surface elements, the concepts of being environmentally conscious and the leed choices are the best ideas that Belzberg Architects could have!