Put a Date On It With These New Years DIYs

While New Years Eve involves lots of sparkle and bubbles and confetti, the celebration is all about the numbers. Before the party, we’re concerned about the number of guests we have coming to the bash and if there will be enough appetizers. During the party, everyone watches the clock closely, counting down to midnight and possibly not counting the number of drinks they’ve had. After the party, we make resolutions in hopes of a better year ahead. Since New Years Eve is all about the numbers, it seems appropriate to decorate with them! Here are 10 ways you can put a date on it with these New Years DIYs.

DIY date bottle centerpiece

Whether you’re having a fancy sit down dinner or a table full of finger foods for guests to snack on during the evening, I’m sure you can find some surface space for this fun date centerpiece. All the more reason to drink some champagne before the party starts! (via Vicky Barone)

DIY tinsel date

Don’t leave off the Christmas decor just yet. Grab up all the tinsel you can find and wrap it around some cardboard cutout numbers. Not only is this DIY super affordable, it’s super shiny. (via Ruffled)

Etched date champagne flutes

You know that everyone will be raising a glass on New Years Eve. So remind them why we’re celebrating by using etching paint to put the date on the glass. It would make a nice keepsake for guests to take home too. (via Mom Spark)

Sparkle date balloons

It isn’t a real party until there’s balloons right? Pimp yours out with glitter and confetti this New Years. Just glue and stick and then everyone will want a date balloon on their Instagram too. (via Design Improvised)

Date cake topper

How could we forget to date the food? No, I don’t mean expiration date. I mean making these fun gold cupcake toppers that will look smashing on any store bought cupcake or cheese plate or anything else edible. (via HGTV)

Sprinkle numbers centerpiece

For the kid friendly New Years Eve party, have your child help you make these sprinkle covered numbers to grace the center of your food table. All that color will have you putting sprinkles on the rest of the food too. (via A Joyful Riot)

DIY date banner

It seems like every party nowadays must have a banner… and rightly so! Some paper and string can make you a large date banner that will be perfect hanging over the bar cart or across the back of your photo booth. (via Lisa Storms)

Glitter date candles

If you’re a sucker for candles, like me, you’re going to love this DIY. Bust out your glitter stash and cover some plain white candles in it for the sparkliest date DIY you’re going to find on the Internet. (via Celebrations)

Matches date sign

What guy doesn’t love a bit of bonfire? Give your male guests something to look forward to, no matter their age, with a date made out of matches. You can use it as your centerpiece and light it up at midnight… outside of course. (via Domestically Blissful)

2016 Glitter new years number

Running short on time? Grab some numbers made from wood or cardstock and cover them in modge podge and gold glitter. It will end up being the favorite decor piece of the night, I promise. (via Etsy)