2012’s Swedish Ice Hotel

Everybody wants at least to visit if not to stay over night in a ice hotel at least once in a lifetime. Ice and snow are fascinating in general, but when they form an entire universe, it is even more challenging. The ice hotel in the picture can be seen in Jukkasjarvi,a small village in Norrbotten County, Sweden and it is the world’s largest hotel of ice and snow. It has so inspirational bedrooms that attract even the most critical eye.

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The beds are covered with animal fur and pillows, just like an ordinary bed. Every corner is special through the simplicity of the material and the complexity of the art form. The 2012 Ice Hotel is like any other hotel in the world if we look at the bar, but it is totally different at the same time and this is not only because of the presence of ice. It has ice statues, sculpted walls, all sorts of animals and shapes that draw the attention and make you realize the artistic mastery.

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Art is so present everywhere that it is impossible not to be impressed. Every corner of this unique hotel is an example of beauty and nothing compares to the feeling of seeing and being in such a place. Such a magnificent place makes us realize one more time the importance of beauty in our lives and this should make us aware that we should appreciate more the details that make our lives better and that through their simple existence they make us smile and feel happier.