2012 paint color trends you should care

Colors are sure a beautiful element, which can lift up the gloomy mood in the atmosphere. These silent colors speak volumes for themselves and are often a treat to the human eye. A shade of green or blue could give you the feeling of freshness while softer shades of beige or pink would give you a soothing feeling.

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Benjamin Moore – Wythe Blue HC-143.

This shade of blue would sure drive the blues away from your life and give you that positive and calm ambience. This fashionable combination of blue and grey gives that warm and welcoming feeling. The color palette is extremely remarkable and blends well into any wall. When the interiors are done in natural wood and charcoal colors, the room is just a happy treat to anybody. The color can be used to create that warm feeling in the dining room or it would blend in as a perfect backdrop for that romantic ambience in your bedroom. A bathroom with a coat of Benjamin Moore would create that perfect stunning look.

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SICO -Left wall: Inscrutable Sky (6176-83); wall behind lights: Marjoram (6141-31); Ceiling: Cotton Ball (6186-21).

This amazing color combination from SICO has created a revolution among the people with more number of them opting for this fabulous color palette. A welcoming aubergine combined with pale green and a soft white leaves you feeling unique and distinct. This rare combination would look striking in your kitchen or dining area with the soft green shade used as base and the bright aubergine providing an enhancement to the entire wall. This unique color palette on any wall would sure leave a stunning effect on anybody.{sico.ca}

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CIL paints – Tea Dance (10YR 21/436) red.

This lovely color is like the perfect trimmer, which changes the mood of the room according to the combination used. when the color is combined with a neutral shade, it sets in an ambience of soft warm and welcoming feeling. When the color is combined with a lemon yellow, it would create that modern stylish look. This color can be used in any room which requires a lot of energy as red means energy and vibrant. The color would set in well in a play area or craft room. The combination can also be used in the kitchen or dining room and make it look amazing.{cil.ca}

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Behr paints –Queen’s Tart #T12-16, Violet Water #T12-17, Minty Frosting #T12-18, Sugar Pool #T12-19, First Peach #T12-20.

This playful shade would bring alive any room with its amazing blue, purple and pale green combination. A royal touch to any room is what Behr paints intend to bring into every room. The color combination is a mix of tradition and modernity Behr paints has tried to recreate that small bit of magic to make the place look creative and lively. The paint can be used in the kitchen and dining area to make it look welcoming and warm. Any living area too with this color palate would set in the mood for an electric atmosphere.

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Farrow and Ball -Wall: Brassica No.271 | Ceiling & chair (left): Stone Blue No.86 | Door: Manor House Gray No.265 | Chair (right) & table: Cornforth White No.228 | Floor: Blackened.

This bold combination of grey (Brassica) and bluish (stone blue) shade brings out the daring side in you along with a positive air. This unexpected shade sets the mood for any strong or electric ambience. The energy boost of a color sends a strong positive message across that anything is possible. This color would be best suited for the study or even the kitchen. The positive energy generating color would use the brassica shade on the wall with the ceiling covered with the stone blue shade{pics source 1,2,3,and 5}