2012 Fina Modern Radiator

I can finally say wow when I’m seeing this incredible radiator, I even had problems locating it, because it doesn’t look anything like other heaters you may have seen.  For those of you who need heating during winter time heaters are very often objects that don’t necessarily fit into our décor but we can’t get rid of them either. Who else would think to  revolutionize these objects if not the Nordics who need them more that every one, because they have long winters with freezing temperatures. Thereby they thought that it’s time to integrate those heater into their home design, and for doing this they needed a new look for an object that was designed only with the functional purpose in mind.

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The result is called “Fina” and it was presented  on Interclima + Elec 2012 . Zehnder designed a radiator towel an incredible minimalist look. It is actually a panel with a smooth surface that diffuses a radiant heat. Thanks to its system of adaptable connections this can fit anywhere. Of course you will not see these fixings mechanism and connections because there were dissimilated by side masks to preserve its minimal aspect.

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Like most of radiators, if not every single one of them this item was conceived  for central heating installation with warm water. I am proud to mention that this wonderful radiator comes in a great variety of colors to perfectly match your interior and of course in a different finishing: matte or shiny.