2009 Bathroom Collection by I Conci

I can describe this collection in one word: “luxury”. I Conci, the designer of this collection used as much marble as possible . And marble has been a luxury material for millenia both because of its resistance and quality, not to mention price. Cool, complex, and beautiful, the marble bathroom vanities are well known for their durability, longevity, and the essence of luxury.

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Accented by artwork and accessories, these luxury bathrooms are elegance personified – your own private escape from the daily grind. O admit, marble is a bit harder to manufacture and to shape as a bathtub or a bathroom sink , that is why it costs quite a lot to have a marble bathroom, as everything is a lot more difficult than usual: it starts with finding the right colour for every piece in your bathroom because natural marble cannot be coloured on your wish, then you have to have the necessary funds, to find the people who are professionals enough to know how to handle marble and then to arrange all the items in your house, obtaining a great bathroom design.