20 Valentine’s Day Table Settings, Perfect For Romantic Dinners

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion when we all remember that love keeps us all together and makes our lives more beautiful. It’s the day when we celebrate love and, even though each person has a different idea about how this day should be, there is one thing that never gets old: a romantic dinner. Having dinner at a restaurant could be nice but it’s a whole different thing when you prepare it yourself.

Be mine romantic valentines day tableView in gallery
You can use Scrabble tiles to write a short but meaningful message

The table needs to look perfect and this requires plenty of imagination. You have to give it a romantic look and for that you can use all sorts of ideas. The colors you use are very important. Red is usually the color that is always present but you can also use other shades as well. You can also use pink, white purple or you may choose to be original and to opt for colors such as green or turquoise. We’ve prepared a few inspirational examples for you to take a look at.

Romantic valentines day table settings with red accentsView in gallery
Candles are always romantic and you can match them with your themed colors
Red accents for valentines day tableView in gallery
Heart-shaped accessories can definitely create a romantic mood
Happy valenties day messageView in gallery
A card or note can be a very pleasant and romantic surprise for your partner
Love table decorView in gallery
It all revolves around love so make sure you remember this
Traditional room for valentines dayView in gallery
Lighting is very important so use candles or lamps for a more intimate atmosphere
Decorate the room for valentines dayView in gallery
Don’t forget to decorate the rest of the room as well
Romantic tableView in gallery
Romantic table decor for Valentine’s Day with a Mediterranean touch
Romantic valentines day table settings 2View in gallery
Flowers are also a romantic detail so choose them carefully
Romantic valentines day table settings redView in gallery
Pick a color or a combo and stick with it
Romantic valentines day table glass accessoriesView in gallery
Everything has to fit into the main theme so the details are very important
Sweden table decorView in gallery
Something minimalist and fresh could be a nice interpretation as well
Flowers valentines day decorView in gallery
Roses are the symbol of love so include them in your décor
Red roses table decorView in gallery
Make sure you have everything prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises
Industrial dining room touchView in gallery
A more unusual romantic décor can be nice if it defines you
Black red dining room seatingView in gallery
A black and white décor with red accents is both romantic and dramatic
You and me loveView in gallery
Keep it simple and transparent but don’t forget to be creative
Romantic valentines day table settings black whiteView in gallery
A small table for you will bring you closer together
Flowers we loveView in gallery
Opt for a white background for a fresh and airy look
Diy romantic table1View in gallery
A neutral color can also be romantic if the other details are well chosen

Besides the colors, you also have to pay special attention to the decorations. You could have a nice floral arrangement or something simpler and more subtle. If you prefer something a little more unusual or if you want to be original, you can find all sorts of DIY projects that can help you. You can use heart-shaped plates or accessories or you can write romantic messages to set the mood.