2 Easter Chickens Hand Towels

Easter is a very important Christian celebration, maybe the most important for some.But Easter is also the time of year when spring comes and also all animals get their cubs and you can see small golden chicken all over the place. They are so cute and charming and many associate them with Easter. No wonder many big stores and manufacturers have special offers and items for this time of year. And one of them is this set of  2 Easter Chickens Hand Towels. These towels are very useful kitchen items because any woman or man who stays in the kitchen and cooks or wash the dishes or does any other kinds of everyday chores gets dirty and wet at some point. And this is when do they realize the importance of a hand towel.

41H4 jlPjHL  SX280 SY304 SH35 These towels are made of fine quality cotton, so they are very absorbent, which is very important for a kitchen hand towel. Then they have a very nice spring and Easter design, with chickens and eggs, with many colours and a nice embroidery. They are machine washable and perfect in size (L60 x W40cm) and the whole set of two items can be bought for £12.50. So bring Easter in your house and into your soul by the simple items that surround you.