1980’s Interior Trend

In terms of taking inspiration from the past the 1980’s interior trend doesn’t seem if it was that long ago. However, if you were an 80’s kid then you may want to bring the feel of your childhood home into your current house. And who can blame you? This trendy is one that is stylish yet offers the sheer comfort you would want in any home. It looks great and is even better to live in. So, here are the top five ways you can bring the 80’s back…

Track lighting.

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Track lighting is an easy and effective way of bringing the 80’s back. Try to look for track lighting that is big in size. You may have to search around a bit as the track lighting you find in stores today generally tends to be smaller. But when rocking the 1980’s it’s definitely a case of the bigger the better.


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Chintz actually originates from India and can be dated back to the 1600’s. After a while Chintz started to be imported to England and was seen as an extremely rare and desirable piece, hence the expensive price tag. These prints were popular for quilts, bed covers and draperies – as they are today.

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The textile has been a frequent in interior design over the years, with the 80’s being a period that adored Chintz. In fact, we even see the pattern frequently used today. So if you want to emulate the 80’s vibe without the risk of looking dated, Chintz is the way to go.

Patio chairs used indoors.

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Let’s face it; most of us don’t get to enjoy our patio furniture as much as we’d like. The weather doesn’t allow for it. So, why not make like the 80’s and bring your patio furniture inside? A solo patio chair can be a quirky addition to any living room or kitchen.

Mirrored wall.

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A mirrored wall was a frequent in homes during the 1980’s. Whilst it may look fantastic it also offers the benefit of making the room in question look bigger too. It is a win-win. The great thing about this trend is that no matter how far you date it back to it always manages to look contemporary and in-fashion.

Potted palm plants.

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And last but not least, how could we possibly end this article without a mention of palm plants? Living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms – you name it; palm plants were everywhere in the 80’s! And adding a bit of green to your home is never a bad thing. It refreshes the space and breathes in a new lease of life to the room.

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