1890’s Residence Gets A Full Renovation And A Contemporary Additional

This is the Glebe Residence, a house situated in Ottawa, Canada. Recently the building went through a major renovation. The entire interior has been renovated and updated. Moreover, the house also got an addition of 1,500 feet. It was a project by Betay-Csorba Architects.

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Glebe residence1

The house was originally built in the 1890’s so it’s not as modern and new as it may seem. But it recently got a new look and a new identity. The existing two-storey structure was preserved as an element that reminds the owners of the past and of their history. A third storey was added to this structure along with a three-storey addition. The new areas feature black metal panels and they contrast with the original white structure.

Glebe residence

Glebe residence2

Glebe residence3

Glebe residence4

The project was challenging mostly because of the impediments presented by the site. It’s why the extension had to be built around an old sugar maple tree. This required a unique design to be created for the project. The fact that there’s no continuity between the old structure and the new additions is intentional.

Glebe residence5

Glebe residence6

Glebe residence7

Glebe residence8

Glebe residence9

The contrast between the two is strong but they also communicate with each other smoothly. A series of interconnected voids penetrate the volume and they create light shafts and visual connections between the rooms. These voids are also great for ventilation. Another beautiful element is the roof garden which remains hidden behind the high walls.