An 1870 Townhouse From London Gets A Modern Glass Extension

Sometimes when a building is very old, the owners choose to preserve certain elements intact in order to maintain some of the old charm. Other times, major changes are made and what was once an old but outdated building becomes a modern space. It’s the case of this townhouse.

5 story london townhouseView in gallery
The glass extension is very open and transparent

Located in London, the townhouse was originally built in 1870 and for several years it has been neglected and it became a ruin. Its current owners decided to give it a drastic makeover. The 5-story structure became a modern family home. In 2011 it got a glass extension that definitely gives it a contemporary allure. So the house went through an extensive renovation for the first time since the 80s.

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It’s a double-height space with a steel staircase on one side
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The two levels share a simple interior design based on neutral colors
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The upper level has an open balcony accessible from the living area
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The kitchen, dining room and living space form a large open area
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A white and gray combination was chosen for the kitchen
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The layout is simple, practical and sleek, with functional furniture
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The style of the interior design is eclectic and a variety of vintage pieces were used
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The parquet flooring adds a traditional touch to the living room décor
5 story london townhouse9View in gallery
Vintage and classical elements and combined with modern accessories
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The interior design is also sculptural and artistic
5 story london townhouse11View in gallery
This interesting mirrored wall gives a unique perspective on the whole space
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The game room is the most colorful of all spaces

All five floors have been refurbished and redecorated but the most interesting element is the double-height glass extension at the back. It includes a balcony and a staircase that leads to the garden. On the lower level there’s a media/ game room, a utility room and a bathroom.

5 story london townhouse14View in gallery
The walls in this room have been painted dark gray for contrast
5 story london townhouse16View in gallery
The upper floor contains the master bedroom featuring charming accent details
5 story london townhouse17View in gallery
The en-suite bathroom is very simple and also very soothing
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On the 4th floor of the house there’s also a beautiful roof terrace

The upper part of the structure includes the kitchen, dining room and living room. Lots of natural light gets in through the glass walls but also through the ceiling, which is basically a large skylight. The color palette chosen for the extension is neutral and includes shades of gray combined with white and a few colored touches here and there.All of them done by Giles Pike Architects.