18 Ways To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

For a home owner, it’s important to know that his house looks beautiful and that people look at it with pleasure and even admire some of the features.The curb appeal of a house is given by a multitude of elements. There are lots of ways in which you can make your home look great and here are a few examples that will hopefully inspire you and give you ideas.

1. Modern house numbers.

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Make your house stand out with unconventional house numbers. For example, instead of having the usual digits you can replace them with letter-written numbers for some extra flair.

2. Window boxes.

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Window boxes are very nice because they give the house a very cute and vibrant look and they’re also a nice feature that you can admire from inside the house as well.

3. Eye-catching front door.

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The front door is extremely important because it’s what guests see before they enter your house. By painting it a bold color you also make it stand out and people will notice it more easily and from far away.

4. Flower pots.

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Make your entrance look beautiful with the help of flower pots. Place a few on the hallway at the entrance or on the stairs, depending on the design of your house. Usually symmetry works well.

5. Front yard flowers.

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The front yard is usually just an open space dominated by green grass. But you can make a little more appealing by planting some colorful flowers on it. This way those passing by will notice your home and will find it very pretty.

6. A front deck.

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You can also steal looks and compliments with the design of your house alone. For example, you can build a very lovely front deck which will become a focal point for the house, in particular to those that see it from the street.

7. New garage door.

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A way to ensure that your house has a nice curb appeal is to make sure there are no ugly or old features that the others can see. So in case your garage has a nasty door, replace it with a new one.

8. Lights.

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A great way of emphasizing the architecture and design of your house is with the help of lights. Let the lights show you where the most beautiful features are and highlight the most wonderful focal points.

9. Different roof paint for the porch.

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Although the porch is an extension of the house, it doesn’t have to match it exactly. One way of making it stand out is by choosing a different color for the roof of the porch. The contrast will give your house curb appeal.

10. A pergola.

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Pergolas are always nice and they stand out with their signature structure. So if you decide to have one you can be certain that everyone passing by your house will notice it for sure.

11. A funny doormat.

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Well, I’m sure that technically this increases the curb appeal of your house, but it’s definitely a very nice entrance feature. a funny doormat will let your guests know that they’re welcome and that the mood inside the house is great.

12. Front door symmetry.

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When decorating the front door, you instinctively end up creating a symmetrical décor. Symmetry makes a house look very neat, clean and organized and this gives it charm.

13. Porch lights.

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Don’t wait for your porch lights to be completely unusable before you change them. The porch should always look nice so small updates are always welcome.

14. Mailbox makeover.

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The mailbox is one of those elements that can definitely increase the curb appeal of a house. Make sure yours looks nice and it’s always clean and shiny. Maybe a few flowers would make it stand out more.

15. A water fountain.

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Fountains and water features in general give a house the wow factor. They’re not that expensive and difficult to maintain and they definitely make a house stand out.

16. A bike planter.

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Using old bikes as planters for the garden or for the yard is quite common. You basically take something old and rusty and you transform it into an eye-catching feature for the house. It’s definitely something that gives your house curb appeal.

17. Good-looking gutters.

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Cleaning the gutters is something you do only when something goes wrong. Well, it shouldn’t be like that. The gutters should always look good and we’re talking about their exterior appearance as well. A fresh coat of paint should do the trick.

18. Modern porch railings.

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Porch railings are often ignored and sometimes they don’t even exist. The fact is that they’re not just a safety feature. They’re also a part of the décor and they can really make a difference on how your house looks like for others.

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