18 Beautiful Babies Room Ideas by Kidsfactory

Every parent knows that getting the nursery ready for a baby is not all about cute toys and pastel colors. The process is a lot more complex than that. A balance must be established between looks and function. Kidsfactory is a Netherlands based company specialized in furniture for kids and they offer a lot of beautiful ideas for nurseries.

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Their designs are simple and versatile and can be associated with a variety of themes and color palettes. This collection, for example, features rope handles and uses white as the main color which allows the pieces to be integrated in a beach-themed décor.

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Other sets are even more versatile than that. Everything here follows a neutral theme but this doesn’t mean the whole room has to look like that. In fact, this choice of colors and the use of stripes opens the décor to a wide range of possibilities and combinations.

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A nursery can be chic and beautiful even without all the typical baby-related elements. A rustic-industrial or shabby chic décor is an interesting possibility. It gives the room a relaxed and comfortable appearance.

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Of course, you can’t have a baby girl’s nursery without a little bit of pink in it. But even in this case the company keeps everything simple. The shade of pink featured here is very faint and subtle.

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But when you don’t want to fill the room with colored furniture, white is your best option. It’s the most versatile color and works excellent with the simplicity of the collection featured here.

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The style you choose is also important. A nursery room doesn’t have to be modern. In fact, other styles are even more suited to the space because they’re warmer and more personal. Perhaps something simple with a few subtle ornaments would be a good choice in your case.

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We really enjoy the whole concept behind this collection. Everything is so suggestive and eye-catching but, when you think about it, really simple and not at all difficult to include in a modern or traditional décor.

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All the pieces and collections designed by this company have an unmistakeable Nordic flair. Yet this doesn’t limit them to a particular style or color palette.

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The pieces of furniture featured here can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways. Take your time to find the right accessories and patterns to complement them with.

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The company also offers more colorful designs. They can be included in a color-themed nursery or combined to create an eclectic décor.

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If you opt for white furniture, then perhaps you can use a different color on the walls. Wallpaper is an interesting option but so are stencils and decals.

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Another way to add character to the room is with accessories such as a striped and colorful area rug, a wall painting or decal or some colorful storage bins and toys.

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For a simpler and more elegant look, think simple. Decorate the nursery like you would any other room. Of course, keep in mind that it has to be baby-proof and don’t put looks over function.

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But regardless how simple and basic the furniture may be, there’s always a way to make it stand out. We love the rustic accents here, particular in the case of the crib.

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Some collections are designed to stand out without any help from accessories. However, they can also be included into more complex décor which also emphasize other elements.

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Sometimes it’s all about the little things. Details like the carvings on the table legs, the subtle hint of color on the frames or the textures used are the reference elements for a well-balanced interior design.

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It’s easy to love a piece of furniture when you see it in context, surrounded by all the right details and accents. But, before you fall in love with it, think of how it would look in your own home.

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The geometry of this collection is really simple and this allows the furniture to blend in. it also allows it to be used in contrasting combinations along with numerous colors and accessories.

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The wood accents complement the white furniture perfectly in this case. The balance is exactly right and the whole look is easy to recreate and to adapt to a variety of settings.