15 Stylish, chic and sophisticated canopy beds for girls

Canopy beds usually fit into one of two categories. They’re either traditional or contemporary. Originally, the design for the canopy beds appeared out of necessity. At first they were a way of adding an additional layer of shelter for protection and later the canopy beds were used by lords and their main characteristic were the ability to offer warmth and privacy. Starting with the 16th century, canopy beds got simpler designs and became plain and understated.

Pale pink canopy bedView in gallery
Traditional kids’ room featuring a cornice above the bed

Nowadays, canopy beds have become a symbol of extravagance and their only role is to add style and beauty to a room. In terms of design, they are somewhat similar to four-poster beds. The traditional designs have posts at each of the four corners and feature decorative fabric draped to create a canopy directly over the bed. Modern and contemporary canopy beds don’t necessarily have posts. While traditional canopy beds have a Victorian aesthetic, modern designs aer fairly simple and have clean designs.

Green kids room with canopy bedView in gallery
Creative kids’ bedroom design featuring a delicate canopy above the bed
Violet kids roomView in gallery
Contemporary canopy bed with a thin metal frame and headboard
Pink canopy bedView in gallery
Delicate and serene girl’s bedroom featuring a simple canopy bed
Shared kids room canopy bedsView in gallery
Traditional guest bedroom featuring two stylish golden-framed canopy beds

Elegant canopy bed for girlsView in gallery

Shine bedroom for kidsView in gallery
Eclectic green and pink bedroom with matching canopy bed and curtains
Attic canopy bed for girlsView in gallery
Stylish kids’ bedroom with canopy bed and high pitched ceiling
Small canopy bedView in gallery
Small kids’ bedroom with delicate canopy bed and beautifully painted walls
Shared kids room canopy beds1View in gallery
Traditional girls’ bedroom with two matching canopy beds and elegant furniture
Big canopy bedsView in gallery
Colorful bedroom with traditional canopy bed, dark flooring and spotlights
Pink canopy bed1View in gallery
Lovely girl’s bedroom with an improvised canopy over the bed
Girl canopy bedView in gallery
Eclectic girl’s room featuring a simple but chic canopy bed
Striped room with canopy bedView in gallery
Simple bedroom with a small canopy over the headboard
Green kids room with canopy bed1View in gallery
Colorful traditional bedroom featuring matching curtains and canopy

Traditional canopy beds often feature ruffled elaborate draping something with rather heavy cloth. Contemporary canopy beds are quite contrasting with these ones. They have clean and simple designs and their frames are made of wood, metal or combinations of these two materials. They also often feature sharp, geometric designs and semi-transparent, soft and delicate fabric. We have made a selection of 15 canopy beds, all featuring different designs.

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