15 Smart Design Solutions For Small Hallways

The hallway is a transition space, the area where guests are first welcomed when they visit and the space you last see when you leave your home. This makes it a perfect area for storing items such as shoes, coats, hats, scarves, accessories, keys and all sorts of other things. You can leave them here when you enter the house and you can take them with you when you leave again. But it’s not always easy to find the space all these items when you have a small hallway.

Wall shelves.

Smart storage in small hallway1 1
Wall shelves are great space-saving solutions as they can be placed anywhere

Small hallways are difficult to work with but it’s not impossible to turn them in practical storage areas. There are numerous solutions to choose from. For example, shelves are a great option. Even if you don’t use them for storage, they are still great for displaying decorations and other accessories. To avoid a messy storage system, you can use boxes and containers. Store all your accessories in boxes or baskets and label them to make it easier.

Smart storage in hallway
Shelves are also great for displaying items, not just for storage
Smart storage in small hallway1
A sleek shelf under the hallway mirror can be a very stylish feature

Storage boxes.

Underchairs storage
Boxes and baskets are perfect for storing accessories
Decor storage
Hide the boxes under the bench or on a shelf
Dresser baskets
You can also storage the boxes in a cabinet where they stay hidden yet reachable

Letter and newspaper storage.

Magazine hallway rack
You can make a letter storage system yourself using fabric

Another great accessory for the hallway is the letter storage system. Having a mail storage space here is very practical. As soon as you find something in the mailbox you can put it there and sort the letter later. You can also have a newspaper stand or rack, also a practical accessory for this space.

Smart storage in small hallway magazine
Wall-mounted letter and newspaper racks usually occupy little space
Drawer in hallway
You can also store your mail in a drawer to save space
Tray storage magazines
These small table accessories are also very practical and can be displayed on shelves

Hooks and umbrella stands.

Hallway hooks
A hook hidden onto the side of a frame is a clever addition to a small hallway
Modern wall hooks
These foldable hooks are even greater space-savers and maintain a minimalist décor
Umbrela storage1
The umbrella stand can be cleverly placed in a corner of a hallway
Modern umbrelas storage
A colorful umbrella stand can also be an eye-catching accessory for the hallway
Tree storage
This tree umbrella stand is both practical and eye-catching

Umbrella stands are also must-have items on the hallway. Take an umbrella as you go out if you need it and immediately put it back when you enter the home.