15 Easy Ways To Green Up Your Home For A Fresh And Healthy Décor

Sustainable living is something we should all try to adopt. Even though you may think that one person trying to protect the environment is not enough to make a difference in the world, it’s still a first step and there are many others that think just like you. Change has to start with you. There are many easy ways in which you can make your home greener and they’re not all costly. So here are a few simple things that you could do:

1. Switch to economic light bulbs.

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Incandescent light bulbs consume huge amounts of electricity compared to fluorescent light bulbs. It’s why it would be very efficient to replace them. And if you’re worried that the light will be cold, that’s not a problem because there are certain models designed to offer specifically the type of warm light that incandescent bulbs offer.

2. Take advantage of the sun.

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Some people like to stay with the drapes closed all day long because they prefer the privacy but, when you think about it, you block all the sunlight this way. The sun gives us heat and light and it would be stupid not to take advantage of that during the day.

3. Irrigate wisely.

The best time to water the garden is during the morning or in the event. That’s when the sun is less efficient and the water won’t evaporate as quickly. Also, consider reusing the water from the washing machine or from the kitchen to water the plants in the garden.

4. Recycle and repurpose.

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If you decide to buy a new item for the house, don’t simply throw out the old one if it’s still usable. Instead, you can either repurpose it as something else in the house or you can donate it. Even things like old toys, books and other household goods can be of use to someone else.

5. Shower instead of taking a bath.

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A shower uses about half of the water needed for a bath and it’s also quicker. So instead of taking a bath, you can save time and money with a shower. It’s also more refreshing, especially in the morning. Save baths for other occasions, like when you need to relax.

6. Reuse items.

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Items like glass jars can be reused in many creative and efficient ways. For example, use the glasses for cocktails, lemonade or for storing things in the kitchen. Small jars are perfect for spices and other things. You can remove the labels and glue new ones with the names of the stored items.

7. Bamboo floors.

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Bamboo is considered a green material because of how fast it replenishes itself. So if you absolutely must have wood floors, consider this option. It’s also more exotic. Moreover, bamboo is very versatile and available in a variety of options.

8. Use healthy paints.

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Conventional paints contain solvents, toxic metals and volatile organic compounds that get released into the air while painting and even after the paint is dry. They can have negative effects on your health and on the environment. It’s why it’s best to use low VOC paint.

9. Control the temperature correctly.

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A large amount of a home’s energy consumption is due to heating and cooling so it’s important to try to control the temperature as much as you can. For example, use the blinds on the windows when it’s hot outside and use fans instead of air conditioning.

10. Don’t overwork the refrigerator.

It’s important to set the right temperature for the refrigerator and the freezer. Don’t make them work harder than they have to and try to maintain a perfect temperature inside by not holding the doors open unless it’s absolutely necessary.

11. Unplug your appliances.

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Appliances such as the TV or the laptop can consume plenty of energy in stand-by mode so it would be wisely to unplug them when they are not needed. You should also always do this when you’re going away on a trip.

12. Stop the leaks.

Make sure you don’t have any leaks in the house because those too waste energy and money. It’s best to repair them in order to have a safer and more energy-efficient home. It’s not a lot that you save but it still counts.

13. Use eco-friendly cleaning products.

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Try to replace your regular cleaning products with one that are toxic-free and eco-friendly. Not only that you help to maintain a healthy world for everyone but you also get to protect your hands and your skin.

14. Paperless bills.

Nowadays it’s easy to check all the bills on the internet so why not choose not to waste paper when you can? It’s also better because you keep a clean and uncluttered home without all those papers lying around.

15. No smoking in the house.

A very good idea is to ban smoking inside the house. This way the air inside will be cleaner and healthier. If you don’t want to go all the way downstairs every time you want to smoke, you can go on the balcony or in the kitchen if it’s a closed space.