15 Blue Bedrooms With Soothing Designs

Blue is not just for the boys’ bedroom just like pink is not only for the girls. Certain shades of blue can look sophisticated and stylish, with a little bit of grown-up appeal, perfect for the master bedroom. Sky blue is a wonderful option for the ceiling and a great alternative to white. The following examples offer even more great design ideas for blue bedrooms.

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Navy blue darker shades have their place too. Use the darker end of the blue spectrum more sparingly, for drapes furniture, upholstery and accessories. All blues tend to work well together and you can easily coordinate the use of three or more different tones in a room which can take a variety of forms, from bed linens to carpets. Some say that a blue decor can be a bit too dark for a bedroom and can create a space that is not calming. But what could feel more restful than an azure sky and a marine blue sea?

Subtle Blue Walls.

Bedroom blue accents

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Blue guest bedroom

If you’re considering giving your bedroom walls a makeover, blue is always a god option so long as your flooring doesn’t also feature a primary color. Lighter tones should be used for walls, whether you go for paint or wallpaper. This will keep the room looking spacious and prevent it from feeling too poky. Pale blue walls pair well with darker flooring.

Blue And White.

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Blue and white look great together by nature. Think of sparkling Greek building facades set against ultramarine interiors and roofs. If you have a divan style bed, which is white, then a mid blue bedspread set off against a darker tone pillow cover is a look hard to beat. The classic combination of blue walls and a white ceiling is easy to complement with accessories such as the bed linens, even if the tones are not identical. You can also use patterns such as stripes or the checkerboard pattern.

Accent Walls

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If you’ve got the blue bug for your guest bedroom but don’t want to overdo it, go for an accent wall rather than giving the room a completely new look. Select the most interestingly shaped wall or, if they are all rectangles, the one that faces the windows. Add a rug or some bedding in a coordinating tone and leave it to that, without any addition. This will maximize the accent wall’s cobalt-like impact.

Mixing Blue And Red.

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Color mash-ups are a popular trend and using blue against another primary color will give your room an up to date feel. Use red sparingly, like a splash of contrast in a sea of blue, to get this effect. A bold, even scarlet, desk or chair set in the corner of a bedroom against monotone blue walls is a great way of achieving the right result. Alternatively, go for red shelving set against a white wall, whilst blue is used for the drapes and bedding.


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But don’t feel obligated to opt for blue drapes if your bedroom has been given an azure makeover. White or cream drapes with blue detailing may be even better. All-blue drapes are best reserved for rooms with white ceilings, pale blue walls and patterned rugs.

Blue Headboards.

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Don’t neglect your bedroom’s headboard. There are plenty of blue ones to choose from that will help you achieve cohesiveness in the room. Headboards that allow the wall color to show through are a good option. Alternatively, use the headboard as focal point of attention in the room.

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