15 Beautiful wall decals for children

Decorating your child’s room can be really fun and if the kid is big enough you can also involve him/her in the process. One thing you have to know and to remember in this case is that kids can get easily bored with things so there’s no use to work creating a long-term décor. It’s best if you go with temporary solutions such as stickers.

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Here are some lovely ideas of wall decals specially created for children. The stickers are made of adhesive fabric and they are removable and reusable. They are also easy to use. Simply peel the sticker from the sheet and apply it on the wall. They are non-toxic and can be applied to almost any surface without damaging the walls.

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The options you can choose from include scenes from nature, with trees and animals, as well as educative models with numbers, letters and other fun elements. The colors used are pastels and the models are suitable for children of all ages. You can stick them to an entire wall or simply include them between the shelves and throughout the room.

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You can also stick them to the furniture and even on the ceiling. In fact, I would seriously consider having some of them in my room as well. There are models for girls and models for boys but most of them are suitable for all children.{found on site here}