15 Beautiful lemonade stand designs – a great symbol of summer

It’s not summer yet until you see a lemonade stand. As a child, having your own lemonade stand is wonderful. It’s like a tradition that never gets old. Of course, kids aren’t the only ones that can enjoy this experience. As an adult, you can adopt the idea and exploit it in your own way. A lemonade stand could be a very nice feature for an outdoor party or barbeque.

Lemonade Stand
A white and blue themes lemonade stand with a simple and clean look

It can be a refreshing addition to something casual and fun. The style you choose is totally up to you. You can go with something more modern and sophisticated or you can choose a more rustic and traditional approach for this classical feature that brightens our summers.

Reclaimed wood lemonid stand
A more traditional or rustic approach can sometimes be very charming
Lemonade Stand Red
The colorful dots and stripes create a nice dynamism for this design
Lemonade stand by LollyJane
A tiny lemonade stand with a very clean and chic design
6 27 12 lemonade
Be creative and give this classical feature a personalized look
DIY Lemonade Stand 3 web B
A lemonade stand is more appealing when the colors are bold and fresh
Lemondade Stand2
Chalkboard surfaces are perfect for such projects and they can be easily adapted
A wooden pallet is a perfect starting point for a beautiful lemonade stand

Building a lemonade stand is actually quite easy. You just need some wood and free time. You could even use a wooden pallet which you can easily find at local stores. Take the pallet apart and use the planks to build a solid structure. Then make a frame to support the sign.

Lemonade 1
Decorate the stand with bunting, garlands and flowers to make it stand out
Turquoise lemonade
You can use leftover materials and pieces to build a simple but lovely lemonade stand
1 wide shot rc copy3
Some colorful paint can really make a different for such a project
An old nightstand can be transformed into a great lemonade stand with drawers
Lemonade crate
A more complex design built from wooden crates glues together
BDSC 1455
The attention to details can really have an impact on the overall result
Table lemonade
Turn your living room table into a lemonade stand.

You can give the lemonade stand a playful and cheerful look by painting it in bright and vibrant colors or you can maintain a rustic and simple look by choosing a simpler design. If the stand is for the kids, then it’s best to let them get involved in the process and to allow them to decorate it as they want.

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