140 sqm Private Flat in Paris by PPil

Located deep in the hearth of the seventh arrondissement of Paris, France, this cozy flat is situated at the sixth floor of the building dating back to the 19th century. The building definitely had a historic look and so did the interior space of this flat. But the owners didn’t want a piece of history but a more modern place to live so they’ve decided to renovate the place and to redesign the whole space.

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The 140 sqm flat was redesigned by PPil architects and several changes had to be made. The flat had potential and the large space available offered more freedom to the architects. It was already equipped with a long balcony that went from one side to the other and this provided the owners with beautiful views and a large open space available from several rooms. The landscape can also be admired from inside thanks to the large glass windows.

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The internal structure of the apartment had to be modified in order to open up the rooms and to create several separated areas inside the loft. There’s a huge bookcase that extends into three separate rooms, linking them together: the living area, the dining room and the kitchen. There’s another trio formed by the dining room, bathroom and the bedrooms that open one to the other and have lower ceilings. This creates a more intimate and private atmosphere.