14 Staircases design ideas

Staircases are like a path between two spaces, the floor and its upper floor. Although at first sight they look insignificant, the truth is they have the power to complete, improve or worsen the look of your house.  Depending on your house dimensions and on how much space you are willing to occupy with your staircases, there are different designs. You may choose a straight staircase, a square staircase, a spiral shaped staircase, a semi-circle staircase or fractured staircase which follows the wall shape.

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Besides its shape, a staircase can differ from another by its design.The staircase can have or have not stair risers. If it hasn’t, then probably it will be made from wood or a metallic material, having a schematic look. This type of staircase can fit a modern house, a studio or a lodge. If the staircase has a riser, you can paint this one with different models and colors or you can order some special made stencils. You’ll personalize the look of your house and you’ll prove that you are interested about every detail.

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The actual stairs can be made from different materials, such as wood, marble or stone. Very important for you safety and also for the design is the staircase’s handrail. This is the part where you can improvise the most. You can make it from glass, cast iron, wood or bars and you can give it almost any shape, by adding details and custom elements. You may also choose to light the handrail with LEDs, not only for design, but also to make it more visible at night.

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You may also want to give a special design to the walls and ceiling above your staircase too. You can add some paintings, some pictures, maybe some spots or even a chandelier. Anything that passes through your mind is good, as long as you like it.{pics from decorati}.