14 Easy DIY Decorations For A Cool Halloween Party

It’s almost Halloween party time and everything has to be perfect. So get your decorations out of the garage and maybe even make some new ones. A DIY project sounds like a great idea right now, wouldn’t you say? Let’s see what we can do about it.


Halloween banner

An easy project would be a banner. You can use black and white to give it a simple and also old and creepy look, perfect for Halloween. So how about a “Trick or Treat” banner?{found on site}.

An eye-catching bar.

Studs And Buttonholes
Make sure the bar gets a festive look too. For example, you can turn a pumpkin into a shot dispenser. Using a plastic pumpkin would be easier but not exactly food-safe so you might want to just go the old fashion way and carve a real pumpkin.{found on studsandbuttonholes}.


Halloween coasters2
Even though it’s Halloween and nothing makes sense anymore with all the monsters waling amongst us, you still want to think of the next day. So don’t let your guests ruin your furniture. Make some themes coasters for this special event.{found on twomoreminutes}.

A cold bar.

Pumpkin cold

A large pumpkin can also be turned into an ice container where you can keep the beverage bottles. All you have to do is find a really large pumpkin, carve it and fill it with ice.

Soda labels.

Why not also add a fun touch to the soda bottles? A really fun idea can be to make custom labels and glue them on top of the actual bottle labels. They can have things like “zombie juice” written on them.{found on somewhatsimple}.

Spider webs.

GlitterSpiderWebsCloseup thumb11
It’s not really Halloween until you put up the spider webs. They give the house a spooky and creepy look. Of course, there’s more than one way in which you can design the spider webs. For example, if you prefer something less old and creepy, you can make glittered webs.{found on site}.

Bottle art.

Party Favors
There’s another way in which you can give the bottles a festive look. Instead of replacing the labels with fake ones you can simply draw or write on the actual bottles. A bottle of orange juice could easily look like a pumpkin.{found on sisterssuitcaseblog}.

Candle holders.

Spooky Candles 1
Some spooky candle holders would really change the atmosphere. You can take some plain candle holders and give them a makeover. Spray paint them and then add the vinyl decals.{found on burtonavenue}.

Table centerpiece.

Mason for halloween
The Halloween table needs a special kind of centerpiece, something spooky. So how about some black roses in a mason jar? They would look a little plain so you can spray paint the jar to give it a more eye-catching look.{found on masonjarcraftslove}.

Chair decorations.

Chairs halloween
Now that the table looks great, how about we redirect our attention towards the chairs? They would really stand out if they had some covers on. For Halloween, we recommend using black tulle and orange satin ribbons.{found on bhg}.

Spider sacks.

Spider webs 11
These spider sacks make wonderful decorations and they’re not that difficult to make either. The supplies you need include water balloons, yarn and craft glue. Inflate the balloons and wrap the yarn soaked in glue around the balloon. Let it dry and that’s all.{found on site}.

Treat buckets.

Halloween treat bucket wm
What’s Halloween without treats? Of course, they’re extremely important but so is the way they are displayed. An easy and nice idea is to make treat buckets. Decorate them with burlap, paper, twine and ribbon.{found on site}.


Halloween Crafts 6
Garlands as decorations are great for any occasion or event. For Halloween, you could make some nice pumpkin garlands using orange yarn and green yarn. They’re very easy to make.{found on designimprovised}.

Festive straws.

Diy halloween
The little details always count. So think of anything you could do to make the Halloween party more fun. For example, you could decorate the straws with colored scrapbook paper. Make some pinwheels and glue on plastic eyes.{found on site}.