13 Unusual Location for Mc Donald’s Restaurants Around the World

Normally I associate the brand “Mc Donald’s” with a modern and new location somewhere in the city, with a lot of young people fussing around and a lot of energy and joy. They may be called “junk food restaurants” but they are still very popular. So I was absolutely surprised to see a photo of such a restaurant located in an unusual building, with old architecture. But I guess it’s like they say:”When in Rome, do like the Romans do”. So if you open your restaurant in a foreign country and find a nice spot that reflects their culture, go for it. Adjust your vision and brand to it and offer those people exactly what they want. Here are some of the most unusual locations for these Mc Donald’s restaurants around the world.

1.McDonald’s at Galleria Vittoria Emanuele in Milan, Italy.

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This is the most unusual building I could have imagined for such a restaurant. First of all it is far from the idea of fast food, as it is located in a gallery, a beautiful place where artists meet and talk about their muses, an absolutely amazing building that shows history and style. However, these people have to eat, too, so this Mac gave up its traditional colours and logos and tried to fit in the environment in order not to show bad taste. And I think they succeeded.

2. McDonald’s Airplane in Taupo, New Zealand.

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Well, here fast food is really fast. Here, in New Zealand, Mc Donald’s is flying high, having an airplane as restaurant and taking customers in every corner of the world.

3.The World’s Biggest McDonald’s Beside Olympic Park in London, England.

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This restaurant proves that big is better, indeed and that people are really crazy about this kind of fast food since they demanded and got a really big building with this only destination. SO you move from the ground floor to the upper one and you are still surrounded by hamburgers.

4. McDonald’s on the Water in Aswan, Egypt.

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In Egypt everything revolves around the Nile and life would be impossible without water, so they thought they should combine food and water and they got this beautiful idea of a restaurant facing the water, with colourful river boats next to it.

5. McDonald’s River Boat on the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO.

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I don’t know if you realized so far, but apparently these guys from Mc Donald’s try to find the defining feature of each place and use it. And since you cannot imagine the Mississippi area without a river boat, here is your favourite restaurant on water, huffing and puffing and giving chicken nuggets to hungry customers.

6. McDonald’s Drive Thru in Ulsan, South Korea.

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It’s not a spaceship, nor a UFO, but it surely looks like one. Koreans are crazy about technology, so their version of a Mc Donald’s restaurant is a drive-in that saves time and looks so cool in neon lights.

7. Route 66 McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA.

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It’s not a good idea to stop the famous Route 66, so you’d better embrace it. This location is great and unusual and it both on the ground and in the air, perfect for road people.

8. Cast Iron McDonald’s on Canal Street, New York City, USA.

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In New York space is very important and valuable, so you must take advantage of every inch. So, when you see a narrow opening between two tall buildings, you take it and turn it into a beautiful fast food restaurant with an iron cast facade.

9. McDonald’s in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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The dome building with expensive beautiful stone on its facade seems so far from the Mc Donald’s concept. And still, it’s not.

10. McDonald’s in Chinatown, New York City, USA

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It is only natural to have a pagoda-shaped restaurant in China Town. But I wonder if they use chopsticks for Big Macs here, too.

11. McDonald’s in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.

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A harbour is an open space connected to water and so is this Mc Donald’s restaurant in Australia. Modern and cool, airy and youngish.

12. McDonald’s on Spanish Broadway (Gran Via) in Madrid, Spain.

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Spain is still kingdom and the defining feature for royalty is grandeur. This location is spectacular and exquisite, elegant and refined. It has columns like an ancient temple and it shines in the sky. It is almost a privilege to get in and have lunch.

13. McDonald’s Barnhouse in Yellowstone, Montana, USA.

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We did not forget the hard working farmers and what better location for them than a barn? I could not believe my eyes, but apparently there’s a fast food restaurant in here, too. It is welcoming and “Montana style”.

In conclusion there’s no such a thing as a defining location for Mc Donald’s. They are smart enough to know people are different, so they offer exactly what different people are used to – different things.