Micro Apartment Proves 13 Isn’t Always An Unlucky Number

The superstition that envelops the number 13 doesn’t always turn out to be true. There are plenty of great things that can associated with this number, including this really interesting apartment that we found in Wroclaw, Poland.


The apartment was designed by Szymon Hanczar and measures only 13 square meters which is around 140 square feet. But despite its very limited surface, the apartment is far from small or cluttered. In fact, it actually feels airy and spacious if you can believe that.


The designer lived here for a few years and wanted the apartment to be welcoming, functional and comfortable without requiring a lot of maintenance. In these 13 square meters he was able to fit a kitchenette, a loft bedroom above it, a small bathroom, a closet, plenty of storage and a series of really practical features such as a wall-mounted bike storage system and a hammock.


Bright colors visually expand the space and the overall simplicity allows the apartment to stay fresh and airy. There’s basically just one room that includes all the above mentioned elements. The sleeping area sits on a platform above the closet and kitchenette. It’s comfy and doesn’t need much except for a mattress and a lamp.


Underneath it is the closet which contains the washing machine and storage for clothes and other things. It’s divided into a series of different-sized compartments and it’s pretty easy to keep organized. The kitchenette occupies the remaining space next to the closet.


Although tiny, the kitchenette is pretty functional, featuring a variety of practical elements and details meant to increase its overall functionality. It also has quite a bit of storage space.


The remaining floor space is occupied by a dresser and a table that doubles as a desk. Above the dresser there’s a wall-mounted bike storage system.


A hammock is installed in front of the window, providing a relaxing nook. It can be taken down whenever needed and the space can then be used for something else.


The bathroom is basically just a shower stall but it includes all the basic things like a sink, a toilet, some storage and a shelf. Its walls and floor are covered with white tiles.