13 Fresh Ways to Bring Green into your Décor

In the following article we will show you why green is so amazing color and how to bring it into your interior design. Here are a few tips how and what to color up green inside of your house.

Kids room decor green 2

1) Paint green the bathroom. The first thing you can paint is your bathroom. It feels refreshing and revitalizing while taking a hot shower.

2) Green means balance in feng shui. Not only balance but harmony too. After all you know that you design your home and paint your walls in the way you feel.

Kids room decor green 2

3) Green in the kitchen. Everything in the kitchen should be green, but not too dark. The color should be very bright Starting from the appliances and reaching to the shelves and the floor, green is your color.

4) Calm your senses. You can always decorate the walls of your home with different green accessories but always remember that everything should match perfectly, even the smallest details.

5) Rejuvenation and energy. You will achieve those two things if you have green pillows for example or wall art too. They can be mixed with yellow undertones as well.

Kids room decor green 2

6) Children’s room. The kids like the green color very much. Sometimes it is their favorite and this is why you should listen to them and paint their rooms.

7) Masculine green is popular in décor. The good thing about green color is that it is not gender specific like the pink or the black for example. Although the color has many gammas, you can choose the masculine one for some of your rooms.

8) Refresh your urban home. How many green homes have you seen in your life? We suppose the answer is not a big number. This is why if you are bored from the urban life and you are trying to find a way to cheer it up – painting your walls in green is something untraditional and original that will help you refresh your home.

9) Green means eco-friendly. According to most people green is the eco color so if you are an ecologist this is your color for sure

10) The bedroom. According to many specialists the bedroom is the place that should be painted green because it will help you sleep better and will make you feel relaxed.

11) Create a dream. By painting your walls green you will create an illusion that you are sitting in the middle of a garden and this will make you feel calm and relaxed.

12) Be original. Just because you are living in a boring big city, this does not mean you will have to be like any other person there. Be yourself, be original and prove this with the help of this color. If you are living in a house you can repaint the exterior in green too.

13) Plants. And last but not least – forget about painting or repainting. You can put plants in your house. Not only their natural color is green, but they look fantastic and will add some specific features to your interior.