12 ideas for designing your living room

All rooms in the house have a certain specific destination and I guess the living room is designed to bring the family together. If you bathe in the bathroom, cook in the kitchen and each person sleeps in their bedroom, all family members and guests stay together in the living room.

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An oversized floor lamp could be the accent piece of the décor

Living room from Esuoh House by Hofman and Brown Architects.

Living rooms are those special rooms where you are supposed to spend your free time in a pleasant way: to watch TV, listen to music, have a romantic date, play with your kids, etc. That is why I consider it is pretty important to design your living room beautifully. You can see 12 ideas for designing your living room wich they can help you be creative and arrange your living room in an original way.

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You can create an elegant and warm interior design with the help of wood and leather

The Open Box House by A-cero.

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A neutral color palette can be complemented by bold designs and shapes

California Wine Country Retreat by Schneider Design Associates.

You can try a simple design with two sofas on opposite sides of the coffee table and a nice fireplace on the side with some bookcases near the wall. It shows a nice and cozy atmosphere both in winter and in summer and the flames of the fireplace will be both decorative and functional, warming up the place. The fireplace is always a good idea for the living room because it brings people together and makes your house a welcoming home.In some cases you can lose the coffee table and place the sofas and chair facing the fireplace.

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The accent pieces stand out with their color and pattern

Alexandra from destination perfected.

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A balanced color palette is the key to a harmonious décor

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne at Home.

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You can also play with texture and pattern and create interesting combos

The Sunlight Residence from Proto Homes.

If you don’t have a fireplace just make your coffee table the center of gravitation of the room, arranging all the furniture around it. If your house is situated in a beautiful area and you can admire gorgeous scenery from the living room window, it would be a great idea to benefit from it and use large front windows and also arrange the sofa to face the window, so that you and your guests can admire the view.

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Combine warm colors for an inviting and cozy feel

The Mad Park Residence by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects.

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Play with shades from the same color palette for cohesive look

“Never Never Land” designed by Madrid-based architect Andrés Jacque.

Beautiful Traditional Swedish Apartment
You can match some of the accent pieces to create focal points

Beautiful Traditional Swedish Apartment.

Great Challenge for Frédéric Flanquart-Le Loft des Innocents
Choose an accent color and use it throughout the décor

Great Challenge for Frédéric Flanquart-Le Loft des Innocents.

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A large living room should remain airy but not under-furnished

Mosman House by Corben Architects.

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The gold and blue combination is often very elegant

Living room from a house located in Salem which was done by designer Barbara Pervier.

All the other details come gradually depending on the style you choose and your taste, the location of the house and the money you can use for the project, your personality and a number of other factors.