12 Fall Décor Ideas For And From The Garden

Once fall gets comfortable in your region you start to notice all sorts of changes in nature. For example, your garden suddenly doesn’t look as fresh and cheerful as it once did. But this doesn’t make it less beautiful. Instead of being sad that summer is gone, how about you embrace the new season and you give your garden a fall makeover? Here are a few ideas.

Fence decorations.

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Try to find leaves with different shapes, sizes and colors to create a unique combo

First you’ll have to take a look around and try to find as many beautiful and unique leaves as you can. Put them in between the pages of a book and let them dry completely, then glue onto pages from the book and make bunting for the garden fence.{found on simpleasthatblog}.

Porch décor.

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Put all the goodies in a cart and use leaves, grass, flowers and branches to decorate it

Although technically this isn’t something you make for the garden, it’s a very nice porch décor which you can make using things from your garden. Use things like pumpkins, flowers, branches and other goodies you can find and display them at the entrance.{found on hoosierhomemade}.

An old chair.

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Decorate an old chair with potted plants or with goodies from your garden

Do you, by any chance, have an old chair just lying around in your house or in your garage and you’re thinking of throwing it out but you can’t seem to say goodbye? Well you don’t have to because you know a great way in which you can use it.{found on site}.

Wheelbarrow décor.

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Fill the wheelbarrow with soil and use it as a large planter or a container for garden goodies

An old wheelbarrow would also make a wonderful decoration for the garden. You don’t even have to give it a makeover. The older it is, the more charming it will look.{found on site}.

Pumpkin décor.

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Decorate the pumpkins with anything you can find in the garden and be creative

Of course, the most common decoration this season is the pumpkin. And what could be a more appropriate garden decoration than a pumpkin accessorized with plants, fruits and seeds from your own garden?

Bird feeder.

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You can use any type of pumpkin with any shape

Pumpkins can also be used in numerous other ways. For example, you could make a pumpkin bird feeder and hang it in a tree from your garden.{found on hoosierhomemade}.

Mailbox décor.

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Use corn stalks and flowers to give the mailbox a lovely fall look

Since we were talking about ways in which you can make your outdoors more beautiful, how about we talk about the mailbox which is often neglected? Give it a fall makeover with things from your garden.{found on site}.

Front door décor.

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Corn stalks greeting guests for Thanksgiving at the front door – a very seasonal idea

Speaking of corn stalks, they can also be used for other types of decors. For example, use them for the front door. Let them lean on the walls on either side of the door and use fruit or flowers as accessories.{found on statebystategardening}.

Unique sculpture.

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This is a more unusual way of using pumpkins and recycled wood

This is the Pumpkin King and he’s made out of wood and he has baskets as shoes and a pumpkin as head. You can make one too when you have some spare time.{found on hoosierhomemade}.

Window boxes.

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The pumpkins and the gourds don’t have to replace the flowers. They can complement them

Usually, we enjoy seeing fresh plants and colorful flowers at the windows but fall is not as friendly with them as summer. So instead you can use pumpkins and gourds for the window boxes.{found on site}.

Hay bale décor.

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Use a hay bale as a decoration for the front door entrance along with pumpkins and flowers
House stairs decor
The bale can be the support structure for the planters and decorations

House stairs decor

Hay bales are very versatile and they’re great for décor. You can use them in many creative ways in your garden but also at the entrance or on your porch.

For the stairs.

House stairs decor
Take a bunch of different pumpkins and display them on the stairs

If you have stairs leading to your front door entrance then you definitely have to decorate them this fall. Use pumpkins and flowers along with anything else you can find in the garden.{found on theessenceofhome}.