12 Clock by David Weatherhead

I wear a normal but very simple watch that has some nice small rubies instead of the usual numbers telling the time. I like these watches because they are a bit unusual and you need a bit more attention to realize what time it is. That is why my daughter hates my watch, as she is small and only knows the numbers. But since I like unusual stuff which don’t have be be easy to understand either, I loved the 12 Clock by David Weatherhead the minute I saw it. It is actually a normal clock, except the fact that it does not have numbers and has 12 sides instead.

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What is amazing about the design of this clock is its simplicity. It’s nothing more than a black or colourful dodecagon with white arms that tell the time when they get to the sharp edges of the 12 sides. And since one day has 12 hours and the clock has 12 edges, it’s pretty simple. The clock looks great on any wall in any room and has a clock mechanism powered by an AA battery. It’s just as simple as that. It is made of plastic and can be bought for £25.00, directly from GOODD, the producer.