1100 Architects’ Modern Update of NYU’s Department of Linguistics

The NYU’s Department of Linguistics got a lovely update thanks to 1100 Architects. Siting n a 2,500 square feet site, this office located in New York is the perfect place to spend most your time and get creative.

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The architects redesigned the space in order to improve communication between the divisions of the department. They also chose to keep some of the building’s old elements, such as the iron columns and exposed brick east and west walls. On the other hand, they tried to keep the pace balanced so they used a lot of modern features as well.

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This six-storey building is now a contemporary space where everybody can feel great and inspired. The first floor houses a gorgeous recreation area, student lounge and two lecture rooms that are directly visible from the street. Furthermore the modern, open design of the staircase in the entrance foyer, which connects the first and second floors, encourages visitors to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

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Before this wonderful update the student and faculty offices where all on a single floor, overcrowded and unappealing. Now they are located at the north and south ends of the upper floors, a place where they can benefit from a lot of natural light and higher privacy.

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The NYU’s Department of Linguistics is now a gorgeous space with a modern, clean design. It can be the perfect place to meet up with friends and study. How about it?