100-legged chair

Prepare to be amazed because we present to you a very special chair that can’t be compared to any other one that you’ve ever seen. Created by New York based designer Francis A. Bitonti, this unusual chair is a combination of comfort and technology. It’s an extremely attractive piece of furniture for various reasons.

Centipede inspired chair with 100 legs 2 554x373View in galleryView in gallery

One of them is the vibrant color and the funny texture. Another one is the shape that, by the way, can be changed. The third reason is the fact that this chair is extremely comfortable. Also, it’s very versatile at various levels. By simply plugging it in, you can very easily change the chairs aspect, shape and size. You can turn it from a stool into a rocking chair, into a mini-sofa or into anything else you mind tells you to. It’s a very challenging piece of furniture that invites the user to play with it. This is possible because of its active Shape Memory Polymer core.
Centipede inspired chair with 100 legs 3 554x195View in gallery

It’s an extremely versatile piece of furniture because of its capacity to change form and size. This unusual piece will provide you with fun and comfort, which is more than most chair do. It would be a very interesting choice for a kid’s room but I’m sure the adults can’t wait to play with it too. This chair will keep you busy for a while.