10 Unconventional And Visually-Striking Ceiling Designs

The ceiling, although often neglected, can be a wonderful element of architecture if you decide to highlight it. There are numerous wonderful designs which focus specifically on making the ceiling stand out. They include designs on offices, restaurants, banks, bars but also private residences. There are lots of ways in which you can emphasize your ceiling.

Modern coffee ceiling
The suspended wooden ceiling is a very chic touch for this modern restaurant

For example, you can use form and shape to give it a unique look. A simple undulating ceiling can be very elegant and suitable for a modern or contemporary décor. You can also create a cohesive look by also making the walls share the same type of design.

Geometric ceiling
Pattern can also be used to create an eye-catching ceiling design
Room ceiling
The honeycomb pattern and the bold yellow color give this ceiling a very cheerful look
Drape ceiling
Draped fabric can also be a very chic option for the ceiling

Another way in which you can make the ceiling stand out is through color and pattern. Use bold and vibrant colors and choose a pattern that looks beautiful in combination with them. You can easily create a playful interior décor without focusing on the walls and by shifting the attention towards the ceiling.

Modern restaurant ceiling
Use mirrors or skylights to add depth and perspective to a space
Wooden ceiling
The undulating wooden ceiling and walls make this media room feel very warm and cozy

You can also combine all sorts of materials to create magnificent ceiling designs. For example, you can use fabric if you want the atmosphere to be warm and cozy. It will also make the room feel more relaxing and soothing and it would be a nice option for the bedroom for example.

Exposed beams bedroom ceiling
The simple exposed beams in the ceiling give this bedroom a rustic feel
Ceiling design
A very artistic ceiling design that concentrates on a central column
Conference room
The undulating lines on the ceiling create an abstract floral pattern
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Senior
The geometric pattern and simple lines suit this modern space wonderfully

Also, you can use mirrors to add perspective and depth to a space and they can have different shapes. In some cases, even something very simple like a ceiling with exposed wooden beams can be the accent feature of the room.