10 Traditional living room décor ideas

Traditional interiors are easy to spot as they have a very specific look. They tend to focus on elegancy and on an overall continuous décor where everything matches everything else. The most commonly used colors are beige and brown with slight variations. An element that is specific to traditional décor, more exactly to living rooms, is the rug. Traditional rugs have an easily distinguishable pattern and they feature a mix of warm colors and intricate patterns.

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A surprisingly colorful living room featuring bold artwork

Rugs, regardless of their style, are a detail that has become unnecessary in most modern decors. However, they have a softness to them that allows them to bring warmth to a room and to create a cozy and more intimate atmosphere. Traditional living rooms also often have fireplaces. It’s a very beautiful detail that makes the whole room stand out.

A soothing but dusky color palette with neutral accents
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Classical furniture and curved lines along with carved details
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Floral accents are also seen of traditional furniture
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A clean, elegant and classical living room with turquoise accents
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An earthy color palette accentuated by a traditional rug
The balance of color is important in the case of any décor
There’s a certain type of patterns and textures found in traditional decors
Traditional living rooms are usually complemented by elegant wooden furniture
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Most often the accent colors are not striking and the accent falls on design

They are also often defined by the use of robust furniture such as sofas and upholstered armchairs. These are particularly comfortable pieces of furniture and another element that contributes to the overall intimate and inviting atmosphere. Besides the typical architectural details such as the moldings and ceiling roses that some traditional homes still have, their interiors are also characterized by elegant decorations and accessories, including pendant lamps or even chandeliers, artwork on the walls and decorative flowers on the table. Of course, there are variations to these decors and different influences.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10}.